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I couldn’t wait to see all my friends happy for me for the day we finally worked out because they all know how happy you make me, more than anyone else could, and how bad I want that to happen more than anything else, I kept thinking the day would come when you’d answer that last text, that you wouldn’t look away anymore when our eyes caught, that I won’t have to walk into our class and pretend you don’t see me even though we make eye contact everyday. I want the day to come where you prove everyone wrong who says you’re fucked up, that you used me, that we never will work out, I want you to have told me the truth that day you told me you were scared to imagine your life without me, that you wouldn’t move on. I have never felt so empty and my life has never felt so meaningless. There are so many things we have missed out on in just these months and I can’t even imagine what we miss out on everyday that passes that I’m not with you. Our last year is going to fly by, and all I want is to spend it with you like we were supposed to and treat you the way I wish I treated you from the start. I read our old Facebook conversations just to remember what it was like to have you and I laugh at how silly we were and cry because I see how much you loved me, I want to be your Ris again and I want you to be my guy. I want to squeeze your hand three times first and tell you I love you, I want to lay with you and waste time with you, I want to hug you and kiss you, I want to love you and I want you to love me too, to the moon and back

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1. he’s not going to show up at your door step with flowers saying he misses you
2. he’s not going to text you at 3 am like he used to saying that he can’t sleep because the absence of your lips is keeping him up
3. he’s not going to wake up early anymore to tell you to have a good day
4. he’s…

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